Monogram Etiquette - Monogram Initial Order FAQ's

  Have you ever wondered what is the correct order to arrange your initials for your Monogram?  We have got you covered.  There are a few basic ways that monograms are done.  We must first ask 2 questions. 
1. Are you Single? If you are single your monogram will be your First Initial, Last Name, Middle Initial.  This also cover Children's Monograms.
2. Are you married?  If you are married the most common way to arrange your letters is  First Initial, Married Last Initial, Maiden Name Initial.
For Example, I am married and my name is Gretchen Lauer Berger.  My monogram is GBL.
( No love for our middle names once we get married, lol)
Now, with that being said there is no LAW whatsoever that states that this is the only way to arrange your monogram.  After all It's Your Monogram, you should arrange it the way you love and feel most comfortable.  

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